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Land reform, land settlement and cooperatives 2003/2

Land reform, land settlement and cooperatives first appeared 40 years ago, in September 1963. The Director of the Rural Institutions and Services Division at the time, Mr. Viggo Anderssen, stated: “In a field as complex and controversial as that of land reform, fundamental knowledge of the economic, agricultural, social, legal and cultural backgropund to structural relations could alone constitute the basis of sound judgement, planning and action. However, data on land reform are extremely diffused, inadequately organized and not well understood, thereby limiting considerably the application of the information gained by experts and institutions throughout the world.”The problems raised by Mr. Anderssen in 1963 still apply today and have always been addressed by this publication with professionalism and in the broadest of perspectives, with contributions from FAO colleagues and from experts and policy-makers throughout the world.

Click here to view the full publication (html format) or pdf format.

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