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February 2005

Announcement of a new publication

Land Reform, Land Settlement and Cooperatives 2004/2

The second volume of Land Reform, Land Settlement and Cooperatives for 2004 comprises eight articles that examine a range of areas central to land tenure activity. They provide a stimulating and, in some cases, critical set of perspectives on how best to tackle some of these issues.

An article on Bolivia considers how the agrarian reforms of the 1950s, with their widespread occupation of haciendas in the valleys and the highlands of Bolivia, have been progressively abandoned, and makes proposals for their revival. This issue also examines some of the broader aspects of how land reform has developed in Namibia. Articles in this issue address various land tenure concerns in Côte d'Ivoire, Colombia and Madagascar.

The final article in the volume, prepared by FAO’s Land Tenure Service team in Angola, outlines the background and the current and planned activities that the Angolan Government has embarked on with FAO support to lay the foundations of a coherent land tenure system and land policies. Angola, with its legacy of recent violent conflict, is a major land tenure challenge in Africa. The significant progress being made there provides valuable experience for the considerable number of other countries emerging from similar situations.

(Also available in French and Spanish)

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