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October 2006

Announcement of a publication

Land tenure alternative conflict management

FAO Land Tenure Manuals Number 2

by Adriana Herrera and
Maria Guglielma da Passano
Land Tenure Service
FAO Rural Development Division

The aim of this training manual is to acquaint practitioners with the main characteristics of a land tenure conflict, the context in which the conflict takes place, the stakeholders taking part in the conflict, and the balance of their power relations. The manual will provide users with more resources to identify the processes and evolution of a conflict and the different options for its management and eventual resolution.

It intends to build on the skills that active mediators already possess. The manual is designed to be a tool for practitioners who already work, formally or informally, in land tenure conflict mediation, but have not been exposed to specific training in conflict management. In formulating the manualís contents the authors considered that the valuable skills mediators already possess, whether acquired through experience or customary knowledge, may be integrated with the notions and tools of modern Alternative Conflict Management. These will help mediators to deal with both local and external actors more effectively.

(Available in English and Spanish)

Click here to view the document.

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