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June 2005

Announcement of a new publication

Role of government institutions for promotion of agriculture and rural development in Asia and the Pacific Region

Dimensions & Issues

by Wim Polman
FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

This is a publication of the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

The topic of this important regional initiative in Asia and the Pacific is challenging. The latest technical documentation from FAO and other sources includes an overwhelming amount of literature presenting data, views and policy advice on a broad range of issues. The focus in this publication is on the role of government institutions, traditional and new players, their capacities, mandates, ways of operation at the national and decentralised levels and their linkages with the private sector partner institutions at all levels.

In the background information provided, two main features are highlighted: (1) Privatisation and what it means for both the government and private institutions for promotion of agriculture and rural development. (2) New roles of government institutions and preconditions for effectiveness of activities by private institutions at the local community level. The Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific also recognises the trend towards promotion of people-based organizations, which are self-regulating and self-supporting in their operations, where innovation, drive and initiative can flourish. In view of the different national development conditions among the Asian and Pacific countries there is need for consensus building on some core issues and areas of policymaking which will provide a common ground for fruitful discussions on defining the new role of government institutions to effectively promote agriculture and rural development. Core issues and policy areas, which in any society determine the capacity to bring progress and development, are:

  1. People
  2. Resources
  3. Technology
  4. Trade
  5. Policy & Institutional Capacities

Looking at the main features of each of these five core issues and policy areas we may be able to identify strategies and opportunities for government institutions to promote agriculture and rural development in partnership with the private institutions.

Click here to view the document (html format) or here for pdf format.

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