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May 2006

Distance learning CD-rom

Participatory negotiated territorial development

The Rural Development Division (Jean Bonnal, Paolo Groppo, Bernd Seiffert, Nikola Rass) has prepared Training CDs which are available in the Digital Series "Institutions for Rural Development".

This distance learning course is based on the manual "Participatory, negotiated and territorial approach (PNTD) This course is a self-training tool. It allows users to familiarize themselves with the main principles and operational aspects of PNTD and to start a more in-depth analysis on particular points of interest.

The training course is divided into four modules:

Module 1: Views - Understanding the Actors and the Territory as a Social Product
Module 2: Horizons - Supported Dialogue and Proposal-Building
Module 3: Negotiation - Mediation and Consensus Building
Module 4: Social Territorial Agreement

Each module gives 3-5 text units (Inputs), complemented by Examples, from several countries where PNTD has been used, and the introduction of useful Tools (Historical Analysis, Timelines Trend, Assessing the Diversity of Actors, Power analysis, The 4 R Approach, Stakeholder Analysis, Systemic Vision of the Territory, Venn Diagramm, Participatory Action Research , The Social Multicriteria Decision Evaluation, Problem/Objective/Alternative Tree, Pairwise Ranking, Stakeholders Conflict & Partnership Matrix, Chairs, Group decision making from divergence to convergence, Collaboration Matrix, Bar Chart, Planning Matrix/Logframe, Coverage Matrix) and References (on Territory, Participation, Negotiation and Dialogue, and Rural Development).

Furthermore the CD provides a section with links to Literature and a Glossary.

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