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International Conference on Transforming Agriculture Extension in Africa

24-28 November 2003
Accra, Ghana

Full report available in French

Executive Summary


This five-day conference on “Transforming Agricultural Extension in Africa” was held in Accra from 24-28 November 2003 as a follow-up to a similar worldwide conference in Washington D.C. last year. The focus was to exchange experiences in the fields of ‘Extension and Poverty Reduction’, Decentralization, and Public-Private Partnership in Agricultural Extension Delivery and Rural Development. This workshop was held under the auspices of the Ghana Ministry of Food and Agriculture supported by the German Development Corporation (GTz), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Participants were extension professionals drawn from 13 countries in Africa.

Plenary presentations

Presentations in the Workshop were delivered under the following themes:

Role of the Private and Public Sectors

The role of the private sector in transforming agricultural extension was summarized to mainly include the provision of services to members and the building of capacity among farmers and producer organizations to ensure maximum profitable returns for their efforts.

Key Challenges

In looking to the future, some key challenges emerged focused around: Linkages, Focus on rural farmers, Partnerships, Wealth creation, Social and Environmental Responsibility, Private sector training of AET, Off-Farm Employment, Organization of Community based groups, and Indigenous knowledge systems within ICT.


Some of the final recommendations and conclusions from the workshop focused on the following areas:


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