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June 2004

Announcement of a publication

Yasarekomo: An experience of indigenous communications in Bolivia

"In our village, communications is life; it is the very essence of our being. We are a people who communicate in order to keep our values alive and relevant in a society that is constantly changing. Furthermore, we know that communications is the key to any type of development.

For the Guaraní people, development issues are at the heart of fully exercising the rights of all individuals. For this reason, communication is extremely important and, therefore, we intend to adopt an alternative model that will combine all the systems and media (audiovisual, press, radio, etc.), ensuring that the model which emerges from this exercise will be useful for our people and will be managed entirely by them.

This was the objective that began our experiences with communications through the Unidad de Comunicación Guaraní . We have attempted to describe our experiences throughout this process in this publication entitled YASAREKOMO, the indigenous term for despertar – to awaken. This term does not signify “to awaken’ in the purely physical sense, but it also refers to an awakening of consciousness and a new way of thinking that responds to the challenges which face us in today’s world.

Another advantage in the formulation and development of this document has been the participation of our young people, whom we believe to be the real pillar of strength in our community. We believe that, if they closely follow and build upon the knowledge of our grandparents, we will be able to say that our work as managers and heads of family has not been undertaken in vain. We will also be able to ensure that our culture, knowledge and know-how will not be lost and that we will have put in place the conditions which will allow our people to better control the processes of change and to be free to manage our own future."

(Available in Spanish)

Click here to view the document.

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