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October 2006

World Congress on Communication for Development

Regional perspectives on Communication for development

25-27 October 2006
Rome, Italy


In connection with the World Congress on Communication for Development (WCCD), FAO Com Dev Group has been implementing a series of regional studies, consultations and workshops, in collaboration with partners in the regions.

The overall objective of regional studies and consultations is to get views and proposals of local practitioners and institutions for mainstreaming communication into policies related to Sustainable Development. More specific objectives are:

Each activity is being lead by local institutions and will serve as the basis for generating the lessons learned in terms of what works (i.e., best practices, impact and value added) and what does not work (limiting factors, corrective measures, etc.). These in turn will provide guidance for the formulation of corresponding recommendations pertaining to advocacy, policy and institutional reforms, capacity building, and feasibility for implementing Communication for Development programmes. Based on these results, proposals for recommended strategies for introducing communication in national development policies and programmes were drawn. The results of the above will be presented at the WCCD in a specific session with the objective of sharing experiences and fostering cooperation for mainstreaming ComDev in each region.

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Near East


Southern and East Africa

Southeast Asia

Latin and Central America

Workshop on Indigenous Peoples and Communication for Development

This workshop was held in Bolivia from 11-13 September 2006

La Onda Rural


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