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September 2004

Georgia: ICT infrastructure and use in agriculture

Published by the FAO Regional Office for Europe

The current report is an in-depth review on ICT status of the whole National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) and its partner in Georgia. This report is part of the three studies that FAO commissioned in order to gain an overview of the ICT status and needs in NARS of member countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

The FAO commissioned study ‘Georgia: ICT Infrastructure and Use in Agriculture, Agricultural Policy, Research, and Education Organizations’ (Temel, T. & Maru, A., 2003 ) seeks to assess the needs of national agricultural research institutions and their relevant partners for innovative, appropriate, and efficient information and communication systems and linkages in Georgia. Included in the ICTs category are radio, television, printing press, telephony, fax, computers, and the Internet. The study noted that there is already official recognition at an institutional level that the establishment and relevant use of an ICT infrastructure should be one of the country’s critical tools in the promotion of economic development (Presidential Decree No. 456). Recent positive initiatives by the Georgian Government towards the creation of an environment conducive to the implementation of a national ICT strategy have been listed in Table 1. Sector specific strategies and regulations concerning trade and investment in the ICT industry are still under elaboration.

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