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December 2005

Annotated Bibliography on and Stage-wise Analysis of Participatory Research Projects in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

A publication of The FAO Regional Office for Europe

This publication comprises an annotated and abstracted bibliography of case studies in the field of agricultural and natural resource management (NRM) research, as well as an analysis of these studies. The cases cited are examples of the application of participatory research methods within different agricultural and NRM disciplines. An attempt has also been made to compile studies and examples of participatory research in Central and Eastern Europe and countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The bibliography provides insights into application practices and reveals the variety of these methods. It also highlights the specific impact of the research which can be attributed to the participatory nature of the projects. Subsequently the case studies are analysed with respect to the stage of the research process at which participatory means were applied. Combined, the two documents provide an overview of participatory research practices and their application in various disciplines of agricultural and NRM research. Finally, some conclusions are drawn based upon the results and a critical consideration of the research materials.

Click here to view the document (Word. Also available in pdf format).

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