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July/August 2004

Announcement of a new publication

Guidelines on socio-economic and gender analysis for emergency and rehabilitation

Under the SEAGA Programme and as a contribution to the UN Security Council Resolution 1325, FAO and the World Food Programme (WFP) have jointly produced the following Guidelines on Socio-economic and gender analysis in emergency and rehabilitation programmes. This material was developed as a “practical” tool to assist managerial and operational staff to mainstream gender throughout the project sequence and in all aspects relating to emergency interventions, such as food aid, nutrition, household food security and agricultural policy in crisis situations. As a by-product of these Guidelines, the Passport to mainstreaming a gender perspective in emergency programmes was developed.

The main objective of these two documents is to ensure that gender analysis becomes an integral element in the planning and practice of emergency and rehabilitation interventions. In this way, those categories which are frequently the most vulnerable and who have a crucial role to play in the rebuilding of their societies will not be further marginalised and can be targeted with appropriate agricultural interventions.

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