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January 2006

Announcement of a new publication

Capacity building processes for Community-Based Organizations

Training materials in Arabic

by Ismail Sharief
Awad Ahmed Bin-Hamil
Musa’ad Al-Tahri
Intesar Ba-Khwar
Nazma Salih Hamood
and Ali Yahya Gaber

The importance of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in local development, poverty reduction and decentralization contexts is steadily increasing. In order to provide demand-responsive services to their members and to manage their organizations in a participatory way, many CBOs are interested in continuously enhancing their capacities and skills to better assume key development responsibilities and to achieve recognition and vertical integration into existing institutional settings. Within the context of the "Community based regional development project" (CBRDP), co-funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP )and the Government of Yemen, FAO has overseen a three- year training plus mentoring process that has prepared a cadre of CBOs and national trainers to promote participatory processes for community-based development. These national trainers - guided by an international consultant, Dr Ismail Sharief, and FAO's Rural Institutions and Participation Service - have consolidated their practical training experiences into a series of practical training manuals, developed to facilitate local capacity-building processes. The material has been locally illustrated, thus fitting neatly into the socio - cultural context of Yemen (and other countries in the Near East region). The intended audiences are field practitioners as well as trainers.

(Available in Arabic)

This manual series includes the following volumes:

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