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November 2004

Announcement of a new publication

Improving Access to Natural Resources for the Rural Poor: The experience of FAO and of other key organisations from a sustainable livelihoods perspective

Livelihood Support Programme Working Paper Number 1

A publication of the FAO Livelihood Support Programme (LSP)

This report identifies FAO’s activities concerning access to natural resources (ANR), containing a brief overview of FAO’s ANR activities by department, with particular regard to those that are most relevant for SLA. This paper focuses on some case studies and identifies other organizations that use explicitly or implicitly a sustainable livelihoods approach in relation to ANR. The report constitutes Output 2.1 of the work plan of the FAO LSP Sub-programme 3.1 (“Building Stakeholder capacity to improve access to natural resources for the rural poor”).

This paper intends to identify the strengths that the LSP sub-programme 3.1, access to natural resources, can build on and the gaps to be filled, and makes recommendations for the development of strategic partnerships within FAO, and between FAO and external stakeholders. An analysis of the roles and responsibilities of, and linkages between identified stakeholders is also dealt with in this paper.

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