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February 2006

Announcement of a publication

Training modules for climate & flood forecast applications in agriculture

Enhancing early warning systems for disaster preparedness and mitigation in the agriculture sector in Bangladesh

by R.Selvaraju
and A.R.Subbiah

These training modules on climate and flood forecast applications in agriculture were developed for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to build the capacity of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) of the Government of Bangladesh to interpret probabilistic climate and flood forecast information, translate these into location-specific impact outlooks, prepare locally relevant response options, and communicate these to vulnerable farming communities to reduce disaster risks in agriculture.

These training modules, designed based on a training need assessment of DAE functionaries at the national, district, sub-district (upazilla), and block levels, provide the base material for the training workshops for DAE at each level. The workshop program for each level is designed around participantsí needs.

These modules are intended for participants in the training workshops, as well as for the self-study learner. The following training methods are recommended to be used along with these modules:

  1. Supplementary handouts
  2. Review sessions
  3. Self-assessment exercises
  4. Group exercises

The self-study learner can use this manual as a workbook. In addition to note-taking on the margins, the learner can stop and examine his learning by answering the questions after each key concept before proceeding, to ensure that he has captured the vital aspects of the module.

Click here to view the document (900 KB).

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