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People - Population
Environment - Conventions & agreements
Potential impacts of sea-level rise on population and agriculture
This Special addresses issues related to the potential impacts of sea level rise on the world's coastal populations and agriculture. It is a global study mostly based on national data. The paper stresses that both the impacted system (population and coastal agriculture) and the extreme physical factors have their own dynamics, and that those dynamics are not independent. Some thought is given to t... more

Environment - Policy and management
Environment - Geoinformation, monitoring and assessment
Agroclimatic concepts
This Special describes key basic concepts pertaining to climate in agriculture such as Risk (a basic discussion of climate risk and vulnerability applied to agricultural production as well as risk management) and Impact (a quantification, at the national and global scale, of the losses actually suffered by agriculture due to climate variability).

Environment - Geoinformation, monitoring and assessment
An El Niņo Primer
El Niņo triggers so much interest for three reasons: it can be modelled, thus forecast; its influence on climate is global; and there is a time lag between the phenomenon itself and many of its most important climatic consequences, therefore it can be used for forecasting climate. FAO interest in the phenomenon regards the impacts on agriculture - and consequently food security - of the extreme n... more

Environment - Policy and management
Status of environment and natural resources in Small Island Developing States
This article reviews the status of the environment and natural resources in small island developing states. The information has been extracted from "Environment and Natural Resources in Small Island Developing States", prepared for the Special Ministerial Conference On Agriculture In Small Island Developing States (Rome, 12 March 1999).

Institutions - Public institutions
Pastoral institutions and approaches to risk management and poverty alleviation in Central Asian countries in transition
This report synthesises the results of work by three national teams - in Mongolia, China and Kyrgyzstan - working with FAO support on institutional approaches to pastoral risk management in Central Asia, within the wider context of poverty alleviation and food insecurity.


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