Informal ERP letter No. 6

22 December 2005

The electronic newsletter for the members of the FAO/UNESCO
flagship "Education for Rural People (ERP)"


What's new?

1)   International Capacity Building Events:

In 2005 there were more than 30 events on Education for Rural People or related to it promoted by ERP members (see: ERPotheractivities_en.htm), ten of which at FAO Headquarters among which:

and related Press Clippings:

The Working Session II "Reaching the marginalized: investing in education for rural people to achieve EFA goals and the MDGs" (Tuesday, 29 November 2005) organized in collaboration with FAO, the lead agency for the ERP flagship - highlighted key policies and financial implications on Education for Rural People as well as operational solutions through examples of successful programs in different regions. The sixth meeting of the High-level Group on Education for All brought together several heads of State and Governments, some thirty Ministers of Education, UN agencies and representatives from civil society.
The meeting drew on the data and conclusions of the 2006 EFA Global Monitoring Report, focusing on literacy, girls education and ERP, providing a clear review of the progress and major challenges to face.

  • Ministerial Seminar on Education for Rural People in Africa: Policy Lessons, Options and Priorities hosted by the Government of Ethiopia (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 7-9 September 2005:

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Ministers of education, agriculture, fisheries and rural development with high-level official of eleven countries in sub-Saharan Africa agreed to make Education for Rural people a top priority. Participating countries were Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Guinea, Madagascar, Mozambique, Niger, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.
The seminar was organized by FAO, ADEA (Association for the Development of Education in
Africa) and IIEP (UNESCO/International Institute for Educational Planning), with the support of the Italian Development Cooperation (DGCS), the Norwegian Education Trust Fund and the World Bank.

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2) Sharing knowledge, research, information and good practices:   

ERP in the United Nations or other agencies publications:

1.   ERP is in Pages 14, 15 (Pages 16, 17 of PDF) of: FAO Hunger Report 2005:

2.   ERP is in Page 92/Chapter 3, Page 132/Chapter 4, of: EFA Global Monitoring Report 2006 Education for All: Literacy for life:

3.   ERP is in Page 10 of: IIEP Newsletter October-December 2005, UNESCO:

4.   ERP is in Pages 21,37, 184, 189, 190 of: Progress in Education for All:
focus on governance:

5.   ERP is in: Review of FAO/Italy Agricultural Development Projects 2005
Cooperazione Italiana, FAO:

6.   ERP is in Pages 122, 123 (Pages 76, 77 of PDF) of: FAO Medium Term Plan
CL 127/7  ib

The ERP Tool Kit

Teaching and learning tools for rural people life can be consulted through an interactive research system of the ERP Tool kit. Such training tools - available at:

The ERP Tool kit provides materials for rural teachers, instructors, trainers, parents, researchers, extensionists and others involved in formal and non formal education for rural people. It could also provide tools for self studies. To facilitate the use items are classified into macro-categories (levels and types of education and subjects). For each item a short abstract that explains what the item is about and refers to related articles and information is provided.  . Most of the items are in English but some of them are also available in other languages, including local languages. Members and users contributions to enrich the Tool Kit will be appreciated by entering

ERP in the news: 264 news concerning ERP were published:

Books (

1.      Training for rural development in Brazil: SENAR
By Gomes, Candido Alberto; Câmara, Jacira . FAO/IIEP 2005
Full text available in PDF at
You can request the book by e-mail at

2.      Indicateurs pour la planification de l’éducation pour les populations rurales : une guide pratique.  By Claude Sauvageot and Patricia Dias Da Graça, FAO/IIEP 2005

Virtual Publications


1.      Education for Rural People to achieve EFA and the MDGs,  by FAO, Sustainable Development Department  (Lavinia Gasperini) and  IIEP/UNESCO (David Atchoarena) for the Panel Session on the Education for Rural People (ERP) Flagship Partnership. The 6th Meeting of the Working Group on EFA, 19-21 July 2005, UNESCO, Paris in

  1. The MDGs and Sustainable Rural Development in sub-Saharan Africa. Challenges and Implications for Education for Rural People (ERP),   by FAO Sustainable Development Department (Marcelino Avila and Lavinia Gasperini) and  IIEP/UNESCO  (David Atchoarena)  for the Working  Group  for  International  Co-operation  in Skills  Development Organized in collaboration with FAO and IIEP,  Hosted by FAO, Rome, 10-11 November 2005
  2. Les ONG françaises et le programme FAO/UNESCO "Education pour les populations rurales (EPR)" – FAO, June 2005



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