Ninth Meeting of the International Working Group on Education for All (WGEFA)
Paris, France
12 - 14 November 2008

The ERP coordinator participated in the Ninth Meeting of the International Working Group on Education for All (WGEFA), held from 12 to 14 November 2008 in Paris, France in preparation for the International Conference on Education (ICE), (Geneva, 24 - 28 November 2008) and the Education for All (EFA) High-level Meeting (HLM) (Oslo, Finland, 16 - 18 December 2008).

ERP was agreed upon as a key policy issue at the Fifth meeting of High-Level Group on Education for All (Beijing on 2005), and identified as a strategic global policy priority.

The 2008 WGEFA and ICE also based on such decision have focused the 2008 session on equity in education and addressed the urban rural education gap as key challenge to achieve the MDGs.

The WGEFA meets yearly to ensure the coordination of donors and international organizations in the domain of EFA, training and capacity building, as well as the identification of possible coordination mechanisms to address upcoming development challenges. The 2005 WGEFA meeting was co-organized by UNESCO/International Institute of Education and Planning (IIEP) and FAO and focused on the Education for Rural People (ERP) flagship initiative.

The 2005 EFA-HLM held in Beijing identified ERP as a strategic global policy priority for the coming years. The present meeting ensured continuity with the 2005 events and decisions, including the need to strengthen international commitment to ERP as a key contribution to address current global crisis such as the food crisis and climate change.

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