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Boletín Electrónico de Noticias FAO/UNESCO N° 2  10/6/2003

The electronic newsletter for the members of the FAO/UNESCO
El lema de la iniciativa "Education for Rural People (ERP)"

What's new?

1. We are now 57members. We are thus welcoming the following 14  new members who joined El lema de la iniciativa since 15 March 2003:

4 International Organizations:

8 NGOs, foundations, private sector

2. A database of ERP El lema de la iniciativa member (attached:ERP Data base NL2) and a word document with the information included in the questionnaire (Compilation Questionnaires completed by ERP members.doc) to facilitate your networking.

Such documents include members that filled in the Questionnaire. Members that have not yet done so, are kindly invited to complete the attached formand return it to us.

3. New Las Publicaciones on SD Dimensions

Invitation to contribute to the Boletín Electrónico de Noticias FAO/UNESCO

Contribute to the newsletter by sharing your experience and allowing members to learn from good practice.  Since we do not have editorial facilities, please ensure that the article is edited in standard English and is ready for publication. 

To do so: