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Boletín Electrónico de Noticias FAO/UNESCO N° 3  23/12/2003

The electronic newsletter for the members of the FAO/UNESCO
El lema de la iniciativa "Education for Rural People (ERP)"

What's new?

  1. We are now 74 members! New members since last update (June 2003) are 17
  2. ERP information dissemination and advocacy: news

The Education for Rural People web site is now on line. We look forward to receiving your contribution to improve exchange of experiences.

The website is available at:http://www.fao.org/sd/erp/

The book "Education for Rural Development: towards new policies responses", published by FAO and the UNESCO Institute of Education Planning. can be consulted virtually at: http://www.fao.org/sd/2003/KN12033_es.htm

Book will be sent free of charge to those members who will send a request and fill the "Questionnaire for members" attached below.

Non members can request the book to: information@iiep.unesco.org

Information on Education for Rural People is also available at the following links:

New virtual publication since June:

Education for Rural People as a component of a Rural Development Strategy for Croatia

Please let us know:

a) you have new news for the ERP informal letter and web site (see attached guidelines)

b) Your web site address, and if you want us to link it to the ERP website

ERP Activities (described in details on the ERP web page)

We wish you all a happy holiday season !

Education for rural people (ERP) El lema de la iniciativa members are described in details on the ERP web page

Attachment 1

Questionnaire for members

Knowing more about your activities and what you can share with others ERP El lema de la iniciativa members will facilitate networking. Therefore you are kindly invited to complete the attached questionnaire. We will share the information we receive from you with other members in our following ERP newsletters and in our web site.

Please return the completed questionnaire to cesare.maramici@fao.org

Attachment 2

Criteria to contribute to the Boletín Electrónico de Noticias FAO/UNESCO

Contribute to the newsletter by sharing your experience and allowing members to learn from good practice. Since we do not have editorial facilities, please ensure that the article is edited in standard English and is ready for publication.

To do so:

  1. Please prepare an abstract of a maximum of 300 words summarizing your experience/activity and the lessons others can learn from it, followed by an article of maximum 1500 words
  2. Please write the article in a clear and understandable way without being too scientific or technical
  3. Please find a short and capturing headline.
  4. The article should start with a very short introduction of about 5 lines.
  5. Subheadings will make the article easier to read.
  6. Please send the article by e-mail to lavinia.gasperini@fao.org