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Becoming a member

The partnership is open to institutions/organizations committed to promote and facilitate basic quality education for rural people. NGOs and other civil society organizations (under no financial obligation other than the one already undertaken through projects they promote in favor of basic education for rural people) are invited to join FAO and UNESCO in a partnership designed to increase coordinated and collaborative efforts with, and for, rural populations.

The only requirements to join is to be concretely involved in activities in favor of rural people.

The benefits for flagship’s members are:

  • A specific focus on ERP in Education national plans
  • Improved coordination on ERP
  • Sharing of good practices
  • Accessing latest scientific research on ERP

If you are interested in participating in this initiative, please fill in the questionnaire (in Word) describing the activities you are doing and send the questionnaire (in Word) by e-mail to ERP@fao.org.


fill in the questionnaire on-line

Our coordination unit will assess your request and let you know if it was accepted.


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