This ERP Tool kit provides education training materials for extensionist, rural teachers, instructors, trainers, parents and researchers, in formal and non formal education. It could also be a used instrument for self studies.
In order to bring to light experience, knowledge, skills in Education for Rural People, we have acknowledged technical imputs received from experts in different fields.
We have classified all the items so as to facilitate your research. Providing each item with a short abstract we wish You find easily wat you are looking for. The firs list is organized by type and level of education. Each of them will link you into a second list focused on subjects. Most of the items have been created in english but same of them are also available in other languages including local languages. You will also be able to understand in which media it has been produced.
Tool kit aims to became a useful and attractive window for all users needs. For that reason any suggestion would be appreciate in order to improve our job.

According with the material produced each subject is organized by level and type of education:

  • Early childhood
  • Primary education
  • Secondary and vocational education
  • Non-formal education (youth, women, adults)
  • Teachers training and traning of trainers

The material is classified by the following subject

  • Agriculture
    • Plants
    • Water
    • Soil
    • Animals
    • Biodiversity
    • Pastoralism
    • microfinance
  • Literacy and bookkeeping
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Population
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Gender
    • Peace education/training for conflict management
    • Extension