This ERP Tool kit provides education and training materials for rural teachers, instructors, trainers, parents, researchers, extensionists and others involved in formal and non formal education for rural people. It could also provide tools for self studies.
The Tool Kit draws on the experience, knowledge and skills of a wide range of experts involved in fields relevant to Education for Rural People and these technical inputs have been acknowledged.
We have classified all items into macro-categories with the intention of facilitating the use of the materials. For each item we also provided a short abstract that explains what the item is about and refers to related articles and information. We have organized the first list of items by level and type of education. The secondary list is focused on subjects. Most of the items are in English but some of them are also available in other languages, including local languages. Members and users contributions to enrich the Tool Kit will be appreciated.

The teaching and learning materials can be retrieved by clicking on the following levels and types of education:

The same teaching and learning materials can also be retrieved by clicking on the following subjects: