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Informal ERP letter - Members contributions for next ERP letter

FAO/UNESCO electronic letter

Contribute to the newsletter by sharing your experience and allowing members to learn from good practices.  Since we do not have editorial facilities, please ensure that the article is edited in standard English and is ready for publication.

To do so:

  • Please prepare an abstract of a maximum of 300 words summarizing your experience/activity and the lessons others can learn from followed by an article of maximum 1500 words
  • Please write the article in a clear and understandable way without being too scientific or technical
  • Please find a short and capturing headline.
  • The article should start with a very short introduction of about 5 lines.
  • Subheadings will make the article easier to read.
  • Please send the article by e-mail to lavinia.gasperini@fao.org


    comments? please write to the webmaster

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