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Teaching and learning materials on Education for Rural People

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subjects:  Food and Nutrition and School Gardening              
levels and types of education: Primary education              
The promotion of healthy eating and lifestyles is a priority in Chileís health and nutrition policy. There has been a rise in levels of overweight and obese people during the last 25 years, which has been attributed to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and a change in eating habits, especially increased consumption of foods rich in fat, sugar and salt and a reduction in vegetables and fruits and other fibre-rich foods. Healthy eating is essential for childrenís proper growth and development. This project aims to orient children, teachers and parents on the importance of healthy eating, focusing on local food habits and priority nutrition issues, through introducing nutrition education in Chilean primary schools. The educational strategy was based on the development of a textbook, a teacherís guide, five practical guides for students from 3rd to 8th grade and a CD ROM. These materials are a useful kit for teachers in rural areas but also for planners, educators on rural development and managers of agricultural education.

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