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Teaching and learning materials on Education for Rural People

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subjects:  Food and Nutrition and School Gardening              
levels and types of education: Primary education              
The Studentís Books were created for children from 1st to 7th grade and they include a great variety of information and activities. As the students review the pages, they will discover a great adventure full of new knowledge, secrets and tastes. Comidaventuras will help them find out about the art of cooking and explore different food habits from other populations and their own. The books were intended for young explorers and travellers who want to learn new recipes, have fun with everyday food, eat healthily and feel good. Moreover, children will also learn about food history and will develop a series of edible experiments. These young travellers will have the opportunity to discover a great variety of information about food in Argentina and around the world and will find fun characters, facts, news and stories.
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