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Teaching and learning materials on Education for Rural People

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subjects:  Biodiversity              
levels and types of education: Primary education              
FAO, ROME, 2003
These booklets are a useful tool for teachers. Since one of the best ways to learn good agricultural practices is in the classroom itself, FAO has prepared a series of booklets and teacher's guides on Agriculture Practices, Biodiversity and Environmental Education. Each book covered a particular agro-ecological zone. The purpose of the booklets is to explain the links between the environment and the agro-pastoral practices used by farming families and communities. The booklets will teach them how nature works, what their local natural resources are and how these resources can be used in a sustainable manner. In this way, the booklets will encourage young people to appreciate their environment and become responsible for it by protecting and improving the productivity of their land and sharing what they learn within their communities. The booklets are in a "comic book" format to make learning and teaching easier and more attractive. Each chapter includes a series of exercises and activities designed to stimulate the students' imaginations and to record their own experiences and what they have learned from the chapter. The booklets are produced in international languages (Arabic, French, English) and contain illustrations of local landscapes, animals and vegetation.
Creation and Maintenance of a Wildlife Reserve
Discovering the Talila Reserve
Pastoral Lifestyle and use of the Savannah
Discovering the natural resources of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region.
Tous ensemble pour l'avenir du Sahel

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