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Teaching and learning materials on Education for Rural People

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subjects:  HIV/AIDS              
levels and types of education: Non-formal education              
FAO, ROME, 2004, pages 40
This is a tool for facilitators of the Farmers' Life School who have graduated from a Farmers' Field School and a Farmers' Life School, adult educators or NGOs and community-based organizations with experience in participatory learning and people interested in introducing the Farmers' Life School course into their own programmes. The Farmers' Life School can be used in either community-based programmes or it can be adapted for formal educational settings. The HIV/AIDS pandemic threatens to destroy the fabric of our society. Rural farming communities are particularly threatened and household security is at stake. This manual documents the empowerment process, through which farmers decide for themselves how to build their resilience, including resistance to HIV/AIDS risks. This training manual is the outcome of the Farmers' Life School project, which was originally field tested in Cambodia and has generated considerable international interest.

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