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Questionnaire to collect information on Partners of Education for Rural People flagship

1 Your contact details
Personal data collected will not be sold, given or shared with external organisations and will be kept confidential. We will use this personal data only for communications with you to clarify or inform you of issues in the questionnaire. However your information on Education for Rural People experiences will be presented on the Website. If you are not comfortable with the above conditions, please do not continue.
Your organisation's name:
Date of foundation:
Your position:
Your address:
Your e-mail:
Your fax number:
Your phone number:

2 Type of organization
Please select only the one appropriate options
International Organization
Governmental entity
National NGO
International NGO
Public education / training institution
Private education / training institution

3 Your activities related to ERP
Early Childhood development programmes
Primary Education
Secondary and vocational education
Non formal education for children
Adult literacy programmes
Basic skills training for rural youth and adults
Basic skills training for women

4 Focus of activities carried out
Agriculture (forestry, fishery, land, water)
Health and HIV/AIDS
Peace education
Small and micro enterprises

5 Kind of technology used for ERP
Web site and Internet

6 Your geographical area of work
Asia and Pacific
Latin America and the Caribbean
Near East and North Africa
North America

7 Websites
Title Internet address
Do you authorize us to link your site to the ERP site on hhtp://www.fao.org/sd/erp/? YesNo

8 ERP Tool Kit
Do you have digital relevant teaching and learning material that you want to share with the other partners in the ERP Tool Kit http://www.fao.org/sd/erp/erptoolkit_en.htm YesNo
If Yes please send it to Lavinia Gasperini: ERP@fao.org

9 Detailed Information
Please insert lessons learned / experiences that you vish to share with the other partners , other usefull information, comments.

10 Objectives of your work
Do you operate in conflict affected areas? Where
Origin of project funds and total budget of operations related to ERP
Number of category of beneficiaries reached
Major project partners (i.e. governments, international organizations, NGOs, etc.
Would you interested in sharing your experiences within ERP with other organizations? Y/N YESNO
If yes, are you interested in participating in the new ERP flagship (http://www.fao.org/sd/erp/)? YESNO

For further information please contact ERP@fao.org