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Mars 1996

Selected FAO field projects related to biodiversity
Sélection de projets de terrain de la FAO sur la biodiversité
Selección de Proyectos de terreno de la FAO sobre la biodiversidad

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"Study on the conservation of Bakosi and Bakweri cattle breeds" (TCP/CMR/4556/A)
Objectives: to evaluate the feasibility of conserving the Bakosi and Bakweri breeds and to determine how best this might be achieved.

Côte d'Ivoire
"Lutte contre les végétaux aquatiques envahissant les plans d'eau pour améliorer et restaurer la diversité biologique" (IVC/94/G31/A/1G/99)
Durée: 1/95-12/2000
Objectifs: restaurer durablement la biodiversité des eaux ivoiriennes en réduisant les principales espèces par la lutte biologique; mener des expériences pilotes de gestion intégrée des bassins versants; mieux connaître la biodiversité aquatique du pays; renforcer les capacités nationales d'études, d'intervention et de suivi à long terme.

"I.A.R. Dryland farming and horticulture research and development project" (UTF/ETH/050/ETH
Duration: 1/93-6/94)
Objectives: to develop cropping systems for dryland farming conditions which assure the sustainability of the soil resource, favour soil moisture conservation and promote economic crop yields; to develop and disseminate a wide range of high value horticultural crops for the major agro-ecologies of Ethiopia; to improve technology packages of new innovations and their dissemination to the production sector for the lowland cereals and pulses and priority horticultural crops; to strengthen the technical services of IAR through human resource development in research and technology transfer.

"Etude sur la diversification des productions naturelles pour la conservation et le développement durable" (TCP/MAG/2358 (A)
Durée: 12/93-12/94)
Objectifs: cerner la situation de l'exploitation des ressources naturelles, surtout des reptiles/amphibiens; définir le potentiel existant pour élaborer un programme d'utilisation durable; définir l'impact de l'exploitation de ces espèces sur l'environnement.

"Small holder agricultural productivity programme" (MLW/92/010)
Duration: 1/93-8/95
Objectives: finalization of the component document. Sustainability of community tree planting in the nine existing demonstration areas. Promotion of bee-keeping in six local impact areas.

"Support to management of forestry and wildland resources" (MOZ/92/013)
Duration: 6/93-4/95
Objectives: to contribute to sustainable natural resources management and utilization through improved effective and cost efficient forestry and wildlands related activities; to elaborate a programme of investment actions in the forestry sector. The project is a follow-up of projects MOZ/86/003 and MOZ/86/029.

"Projet national de semences forestières" (GCP/SEN/039/NET)
Durée: 3/93-3/98
Objectifs: développer les capacités techniques et matérielles des institutions forestières du Sénégal et les rendre capables de produire et de conserver 10 tonnes de semences forestières.

Inter-country and regional

"Institutional support for the protection of East African biodiversity" (UNO/RAF/006/GEF
Duration: 10/92-10/96
Objectives: to support government and NGO with conservation/management of natural resources to enhance their capacity to deal with the new theme of biodiversity conservation. The project has also UNDP symbol: RAF/92/G/31/GEF. FAO will promote regional cooperation through central office located in Tanzania.

"Information system for water resources monitoring and planning in the Lake Victoria Region" (GCP/RAF/JPN
Duration: 5/1994-5/99)
Objectives: to ensure sound development planning and sustainable management of water and related environmental resources of the Lake Victoria Region; to strengthen facilities and technical capacity to monitor the state of the Lake system; to integrate Lake system monitoring with regional planning and management tools; to foster at the regional, sub-regional and local level cooperation and participation in the Lake monitoring and planning process.

"AFRICOVER" (GCP/RAF/486/ITA, dans la sous-région Afrique de l'Est)
Durée: 1995-1998
Objectifs: établir pour tous les pays africains une base de données digitale géoréférencée de l'occupation du sol et d'un référentiel géographique; renforcer et mettre à niveau les capacités nationales et sous-régionales pour l'établissement, la mise à jour et l'utilisation opérationnelle du référentiel géographique et des cartes d'occupation du sol; préparer dans les pays l'information géographique de base commune à l'ensemble des composantes information des programmes actuels et futurs sur les ressources naturelles en Afrique.

"Regioal project for environmental information management" (in preparation)
Expected duration: 1997-2002
Objectives: to establish a demand-driven and action-oriented information system and to build up capacity at local, national and regional levels to improve monitoring, land use planning, priority setting and decision-making for forest and biodiversity conservation and management in the Basin. The beneficiaries of this project will be: Cameroun, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa Republic and Zaire.

"Utilization of small water bodies for aquaculture and fisheries" (GCP/RAF/277/BEL
Duration: 9/92-8/97)
Objectives: development of small water body fishery management and production techniques which enable local communities to fully benefit, in terms of improve nutrition and income, from their small water body fishery resources. This is a project of ALCOM (Aquaculture for Local Community Development Programme).

"Integrated coastal areas management: training and development of national capabilities for planning and management of coastal areas of countries of the West and Central African Region" (FP/WA/0401-95-04)
Duration: 1/95-12/95
Objectives: to improve the social and economic situation of coastal communities, while ensuring the long-term availability of those resources for all who need to share them for the overall benefit of the countries; to provide decision-makers with guidance for economic valuation of strategies to improve the quality of the marine and coastal environment and for assessment of economic instruments to achieve sustainable development.


"Third forestry development" (UTF/BHU/008/BHU)
Duration: 4/94-12/95
Objectives: to support Royal Government of Bhutan's efforts to develop and implement an approach for sustainable protection, management and use of forest resources in line with its national development priorities.

"Forest resources management and institutional development in Bhutan" (BHU/91/002)
Duration: 10/92-9/95
Objectives: to assist the Dept. of Forestry in implementation of the 7th national plan through strengthening of the institutional capacity in three key elements of the national forestry programme: institutional development, resource information and management planning and forestry extension.

"Improved slash pine and loblolly pine seed orchards" (CPR/91/153)
Duration: 1/93-12/97
Objectives: to improve genetic quality and increase seed production of slash pine (pinus elliottii) and loblolly pine (pinus taeda) seed orchards in Guandong Province to enrich gene resources, strengthen breeding populations of these important forest species in Southern China, and to introduce/apply new techniques/systems.

"Seed breeding programme" (UNDP/CPR/91/130)
Duration: 3/93-12/97
Objectives: to assist UNDP and the Government in ensuring that the highest technical quality is maintained in UNDP-financed projects. This will be achieved through the provision of technical backstopping in support of programme implementation, and through the technical monitoring and evaluation of programme implementation to ensure its relevance in achieving the programme's stated objectives, in a timely and cost effective manner.

"Strengthening wildlife management and eco-development planning capabilities" (IND/92/007
Duration: 1/93-12/95)
Objectives: implement national wildlife protected area network. Develop management planning capability in central and state wildlife agencies. Integrate management of wildlife protected areas.

"Development and strengthening of integrated pest management (IPM)" (UNDP/IND/93/018
Duration: 4/94-3/99)
Objectives: to enhance the capabilities of resource-poor farmers for greater reliance on biological control on the basis of IPM system, to reduce pesticide use through better scientific management and to develop national programme capability in IPM. Through human resources development and enhancing capability, the project would add towards increased agricultural productivity and environmental protection. The project will also help in formulation of future investment strategy in this field.

"Bio-village demonstration project in Pondicherry" (UNDP/IND/94/012
Duration: 7/94-6/99)
Objectives: to develop cost-effective technologies (including frontier bio-technologies and organic farming technologies) appropriate for the resource-poor to enhance their income and employment opportunities and to foster sustainable resource management system; to evolve innovative management and institutional models appropriate for rural areas; to demonstrate the replicability of the "bio-village approach" and to develop capacities, human and institutional, for designing and implementing programmes for the resource-poor for sustainable agricultural and rural development.

"Integrated pest management (IPM) training" (UTF/INS/072/INS
Duration: 9/94-8/99)
Objectives: to provide technical, developmental and managerial support to training programmes geared to reach 890,000 farmers in rice-based cropping systems within the rice bowls of the country; to support activities leading to the development of new and refined IPM practices; to provide technical support and activities leading to the consolidation within the agencies of the national IPM program of the policies, approaches and management capabilities necessary for the continuing evaluation and dissemination of IPM to a broad base of farmers.

Korea PDR
"Crop germplasm conservation and utilization for food security" (TCP/DRK/4555)
Duration: 10/95-9/96
Objectives: to carry out emergency activities to rescue endangered germplasm of local food crops; to strengthen institutional capacity on conservation and utilization on crop germplasm through training.

"Conservation and management of the Nam Theun tropical forest in Central Laos" (GCP/LAO/NET)
Duration: 5 years
Objectives: to contribute to the effective and sustainable protection of the four "National Biodiversity Conservation Areas" (NBCA) and to the conservation of biological diversity in the remaining natural rain forest ecosystems in Central Laos.

"Livestock genepool" (TCP/MON/4452/A)
Duration: 1/95-9/96
Objectives: to support the government in conserving indigenous animal gene resources through frozen semen and other genetic materials stored at a central animal gene bank.

"National park and protected area management" (MYA/91/015)
Objectives: to assist developing and managing a natural system of protected areas through the conservation of forest and other genetic resources by establishing a pilot demonstration and training area.

Papua New Guinea
"Fisheries improvement by stocking at high altitudes for inland development" (PNG/93/007)
Duration: 3/93-2/96
Objectives: establish improved and sustainable fish stocks in rivers and lakes. Strengthen the capacity of national institutions in inland fisheries management. This project utilizes international codes of practice on the movement of aquatic species to increase productivity while protecting native aquatic ecosystems.

Sri Lanka
"Development of wildlife conservation and protected area management" (UNO/SRL/001/GEF
Duration: 1/93-12/97)
Objectives: raise the technical capacity of the department of wildlife conservation for establishment and management of protected areas; develop capacity for assessment and management of elephant-human conflicts.

"Eco-development and buffer zone management planning" (TCP/THA/4453/A)
Duration: 7/94-12/95
Objectives: promotion of methodologies and planning mechanisms to introduce the concept of buffer zone management in selected areas near the Khao and Rue Nai wildlife sanctuary with a view to improve the socio-economic well being of the rural population.

Inter-country and regional

"Conservation and use of animal genetic resources in Asia and the Pacific" (GCP/RAS/144/JPN)
Duration: 12/93-12/97
Objectives: to identify and monitor the animal genetic resources of 12 countries in Asia and the Pacific; to plan a development programme to preserve and enhance the productivity of those indigenous breeds at risk of disappearing; to train national experts on techniques for description of breeds, data handling and in situ/ex situ preservation in each of the 12 countries; to analyse and publish all information related with Animal Genetic Resources collected or created during this project.

"Biotechnology and biodiversity" (UNDP/RAS/93/066)
Duration: 10/93-12/97
Objectives: to achieve sustainable production within traditional farming systems; to raise the socio-economic status of small holder farm households; to conserve the natural resource base, including its biodiversity, through the application of environmentally sound technologies, including new technologies.

"Better use of locally available feed resources" (GCP/RAS/143/JPN
Duration: 12/93-6/97)
Objectives: to establish the infrastructure of a regional network of institutions in five countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Laos and the Philippines) to share responsibility for research, training and exchange of information on the use of locally available feed resources for the livestock production; to establish pilot projects in order to demonstrate the technologies for better use of local feed resources, to adapt these technologies to local conditions and to design new ones through research, on farms and in experimental stations, for using more efficiently local tropical biomass resources for livestock production.

"Coastal fisheries management in the Bay of Bengal" (GCP/RAS/150/DEN
Duration: 4/94-4/99)
Objectives: increased awareness and knowledge of the need, benefits and practices of fisheries management among institutions and people concerned at all levels and in all sectors of major relevance to marine fisheries and coastal fishing communities.

"Conservation and use of animal genetic resources in Asia and the Pacific" (GCP/RAS/144/JPN
Duration: 12/93-12/97)
Objectives: to identify and monitor the animal genetic resources of 12 countries in Asia and the Pacific; to plan a development programme to preserve and enhance the productivity of those indigenous breeds at risk of disappearing; to train national experts on techniques for description of breeds, data handling and in situ/ex situ preservation in each of the 12 countries; to analyse and publish all information related to animal genetic resources collected or created during this project.


"Environmental management and protection of Black Sea" (UNTS/RER/001/GEF)
Duration: 3/95-12/95)
Objectives: provision of advice on fish stocks. Evaluation of impacts and alternatives in the fishery sector. Fishery eco-system modelling.


"Biotecnología agropecuaria y forestal" (TCP/CHI/4556/A)
Duración: 10/95-9/96
Objetivos: apoyar la formulación de un programa nacional para el desarrollo de la biotecnología agropecuaria y forestal en Chile. Realizar seguimiento técnico para la implementación inicial del programa y para la formulación de un documento de proyecto con vistas al financiamiento internacional, para apoyar el esfuerzo nacional en el ulterior desarrollo del programa.

"Mejoramiento genético de salmones" (TCP/CHI/2354)
Duration: 1/94-7/95
Objectives: Support the efforts of IFOP to develop lines of genetically improved Coho salmon with appropriate characteristics for management in captivity under a framework of conservation of genetic biodiversity.

Costa Rica
"Consolidación del uso adecuado de los recursos forestales en comunidades rurales de la región Chorotega" (GCP/COS/014/NET
Duración: 4/94-3/98)
Objetivos: el mejoramiento del nivel de vida y del ingreso campesino en la región Chorotega, a través del incremento de la productividad y la conservación de los recursos naturales, incorporando practicas forestales y agrosilvopastoriles sostenible a los sistemas de producción las cuales se lograran de forma participativa mediante relaciones de genero equitativas y democráticas para el alcance de la autogestión campesina.

"Conservación in vitro de germoplasma de hortalizas, raíces y tubérculos" (TCP/CUB/2359/A)
Duración: 6/94-6/95
Objetivos: introducir las técnicas de conservación in vitro y crioconservación para el almacenamiento a largo plazo del germoplasma existente en el Banco Nacional de hortalizas, granos y oleaginas sobre la base de los siguientes aspectos: conocer y aplicar las metodologías existentes para las distintas especies y manejo de las colecciones base mantenido en condiciones in vitro; capacitar a especialistas y técnicos locales en la conservación in vitro germoplasma de hortalizas, tubérculos y otras especies afines.

"Plan de acción forestal para Guatemala" (GCP/GUA/007/NET)
Duración: 1/95-12/97
Objetivos: Propiciar el aprovechamiento sostenible de los recursos naturales renovables, mediante la definición de políticas y estrategias ambientales y del manejo y conservación y utilización de bosques originados en planes, programas y mecanismos legales e instituciones, con bases técnicas y científicas adecuadas; definir las necesidades mínimas y material indispensable para las instalaciones que permitan el almacenamiento en condiciones in vitro.

"Conservación/manejo recursos naturales cordillera maribios" (GCP/NIC/023/NET)
Duración: 4/94-3/99.
Objetivos: conservar/mejorar capacidad productiva tierras/bosques parte occidental cordillera de los maribios. Desarrollar sistema financiero y organizaciones agricultores para protección/manejo suelos/bosques naturales concientizar agricultores conservación recursos forestales.

Inter-country and regional

"Conservation of Biological Diversity in Wildlands and Protected Areas of Latin America and the Caribbean" (FP/0312-94-14)
Duration: 8/94-12/95
Objectives: to assist governments in formulating and implementing policy frameworks, strategies and actions plans for the selection, establishment, management and administration of national systems of protected areas for the in situ conservation of biological diversity in the countries of the Region; to incorporate these policy strategies into the national development plans and to promote their implementation; to train specialists in the conservation of biological diversity in wildlands and protected areas; to make assessable throughout the Region the knowledge, technical experience and information generated in the different countries on biodiversity.

"Asistencia al sostenimiento de una pesquería responsable del camarón, y las medidas de protección y conservación de las tortugas marinas en el Hemisferio Occidental" (TCP/RLA/4556-A)
Duración: 9/95-5/96)
Objetivos: asistir a los gobiernos participantes en el mismo mediante la reunión a ser organizada para que se tomen medidas conjuntas a nivel regional tendientes a evitar que se vea afectado el acceso a los mercados mundiales de los productos pesqueros latinoamericanos, particularmente de aquellas especies como el camarón que comparten su habitat con las tortugas marinas. Asegurar mediante la adopción de medidas de ordenación y desarrollo tecnológico que la producción de camarón no se vea disminuida por la problemática de la pesca conjunta de camarón y tortuga.

"Planificación y manejo de áreas protegidas de la cuenca amazonica" (G.4877)
Duración: 4/93-3/96)
Objetivos: fortalecer el desarrollo integral y sostenible de los recursos naturales del amazonia, asegurando la conservación de la biodiversidad y el equilibrio ambiental y proteger el patrimonio natural y cultural, lo que a su vez permitirá mejorar las condiciones socioeconómicas de todos los habitantes de los paises amazonicos.

"Wildlife/protected areas" (APO/RLA)
Duration: 7/92-1/95
Objectives: this UNEP project operates from the regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean and works with the member countries of the L.A. region through the institutions responsible for wildland management as well as educational institutions in the countries.

"Improved seed production" (GCP/RLA/108/ITA)
Duration: 7/92-12/94
Objectives: to assist CARICOM countries to improve the quality and increase the availability of the main food crops; to establish a systematic regional information network on germplasm availability, in order to enhance germplasm and information exchange; to prepare and submit to the CARICOM countries technical standards on seed quality and seed health that can be used to speed up germplasm exchange and enhance seed marketing among the member countries.


"Application of biotechnological methods for breeding and propagation of food crops" (TCP/IRA/4560)
Duration: 9/95-8/96
Objectives: to apply tissue culture techniques for food crops improvement by using biotechnological methods for genetic improvement of the major food crops.

"Range rehabilitation and establishment of wildlife reserve in Syrian steppe" (GCP/SYR/003/ITA)
Duration: 7/95-6/96
Objectives: the project attempts to repair part of the severely degraded ecosystems in the Al Badia steppe and has two main components: wildlife and range/livestock production.

Inter-country and regional

"Conservation de la diversité des ressources génétiques des plantes au Maghreb" (UNO/RAB/001/GEF)
Durée: 7/95-12/95
Objectifs: arrêter l'érosion génétique des plantes au Maghreb, en améliorant l'organisation des activités de conservation et d'utilisation des ressources génétiques et en facilitant l'échange entre les pays maghrébins pour une meilleure gestion de leur patrimoine commun.


"Aquaculture for local community development programme" (III) (GCP/INT/555/SWE
Duration: 9/92-12/96)
Objectives: undertake series of in depth studies covering socio-cultural economic, technological and ecological aspects of aquaculture in rural development; establish one or more pilot community fish farming activity; analyse experience obtained; prepare a set of guidelines and protocols for selecting, formulating and implementing similar development activities elsewhere.

"Preparation of environment management guidelines for the formulation of national policy framework for integrated planning and management of land resources" (FP/0312-95-01)
Duration: 1/95-12/95
Objectives: to assist developing countries in formulating options for integrated planning and management of sustainable land resources use; to strengthen national capabilities for the formulation of enhanced policies framework and actions plans for integrated planning and management of land resources.

"The Nansen Programme - Fisheries management and marine environment" (GLO/92/013)
Duration: 3/94-12/96
Objectives: effective collaboration between beneficiary governments, UNDP, FAO and NORAD, as well as other cooperation/assistance agencies with regard to the Nansen Programme. Effective collaboration in planning and implementation of follow-up activities. Wider group of beneficiary countries informed of the general conclusions.

"Upgrading information and training in domestic animal resources" (FP/0311-94-01)
Duration: 8/94-12/95
Objectives: to prepare a national data banks and gene banks for Near East and Eastern Europe; to update global data bank on domestic animal diversity, by including camels and poultry and by collecting data on geographical distribution of breeds; to survey the situation of livestock species in three countries in critical situation.

"Integrated coastal fisheries management" (INT/91/007)
Duation: 7/92-6/94).
Objectives: develop and improve methodologies and coordinating mechanisms for integrated coastal fisheries management. Prepare detailed document for an enlarged programme phase. Pilot activities: Trinidad, Gambia, Philippines.

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