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The HIV/AIDS Resource Guide for Extension Workers was launched in Uganda on 18 August 2004 by the Minister of Agriculture. The guide is meant as a tool for extension workers to better understand the impacts of HIV/AIDS on agricultural production and rural livelihoods, and to increase the uptake of appropriate responses to the epidemic. To download the guide, see here or order by sending an e-mail to the IP.
[Sept 2004]

IP-Newsletter No.7
This issue gives a 4-pages summary of the main activities carried out by the IP in the period from April 2002 to date. Read IP-Newsletter No.7.
[June 2004]

Seminar in Namibia
The IP is in collaboration with several partners organizing a semininar on Property, Inheritance Rights, Gender and Livelihood Strategies in Namibia in the context of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, 9 - 11 June 2004. The seminar will bring together resource persons, officials and stakeholders from local, regional, national and international levels, to discuss ideas and experiences on key issues of productive asset stripping and property rights in the context of HIV/AIDS. See agenda.
[June 2004]

HIV/AIDS and agriculture
ribbon-shaddow.gif (1K) This report summarizes the results of HIV/AIDS impact studies conducted in Namibia, Uganda and Zambia. The report illustrates how different aspects of the epidemic affect rural livelihoods, and looks at the implications for the policy environment.
Download report or contact the IP to obtain copies.
[November 2003]

HIV/AIDS mitigation strategies and activities
The IP-partners in Zambia, Uganda and Namibia are implementing pilot projects in response to HIV/AIDS. Read more.
[August 2003]

Research methods workshop
The IP and the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA) will hold a two-week regional workshop in Uganda on Gender-disaggregated Data (GDD) and social research methods in the context of HIV/AIDS from 3-14 November 2003. Read more.

Brochure: HIV/AIDS impacts and strategies for action
An 8-pages brochure presents some key findings from HIV/AIDS impacts surveys in rural areas in Namibia, Uganda and Zambia. Read about the key impacts here, download the brochure in PDF (570 KB).
[May 2003]

Multidisciplinary collaboration

The Integrated Programme (IP) promotes multidisciplinary collaboration within FAO and with the public sector and civil society in order to enhance sustainable development and food security.

The IP is global in scope and is currently collaborating with institutions in Namibia, Uganda and Zambia.

The IP is funded by the Norwegian Government.

Comments or questions? Please contact webmaster at integrated-programme@fao.org
Updated September 2004

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