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border.gif (1K) Phase-I (1998-2002):
Project activities at country level

The following 27 projects were implemented in partnership with more than 70 institutions and organizations during Phase-I. For more information on each project below, go to the country profiles. See also IP-publications from Phase-I:





Promotion of Urban Consumption of Traditional Foods

Technologies: A case study of the Yenga Press Oil Processor

Environmental data

Farm Animal Genetic Resources (Survey, field guide)

Socioeconomic and gender analysis (SEAGA)

Gender Disaggregated Statistical Data Analysis

Training in community mobilisation and agricultural cooperation

Country profile

Freshwater Fisheries Research and Management Collaboration

Peri-Urban Agriculture

Research Policy and the Establishment of a Central Database

Farm and Animal Genetic Resources (Survey, field guide)

Gender Disaggregated Data

Household Resource Management and SEAGA

Integration of Gender Concepts into the Curriculum of the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Country profile

Support to transfer and adoption of labour saving technology

Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in Agricultural Extension

Agroforestry technology transfer

Farm Animal Genetic Resources (Survey, field guide)

Socioeconomic and gender analysi (SEAGA)

GDD Networking

Engendering the curriculum for livestock health providers

Country profile

Strengthening the Pluralistic Extension System

National Food Security Information Networking

Food Security Information Dissemination

Farm Animal Genetic Resources (Survey, field guide)

Socio-Economic And Gender Analysis (SEAGA)

Country profile

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