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HIV/AIDS and agricultural mitigation activities

Lead agency: Africa Institutional Management Services (AIMS). See all partners.

In Namibia the IP is implementing activities related to the following four topics (key partners in parentheses):

  • Prevention of asset stripping (The Ministry of Women Affairs and Child Welfare - MWACW): The survey found that 44% of the widows had lost cattle, 28% had lost small livestock and 41% had lost farm equipment to relatives after the household's male head had died. The project will sensitize and train local leaders and community base support workers in the use of appropriate materials on the rights of women, orphans and vulnerable children in affected communities.
    Collaborating services at FAO/HQ: SDAA (FAOSAFR).

  • Youth mobilization and capacity building (Ministry of High Education, Training and Employment Creation - MHETEC): The objective with this project is to support intergenerational transfer of agricultural knowledge and skills. Activities will include leadership training, and capacity building related to HIV/AIDS, nutrition and income generation.
    Collaborating services at FAO/HQ: SDRE and SDW.

  • Provide more responsive rural services to households affected by HIV/AIDS: (Ministry of Health and Social Services - MoHSS in Ohangwena region): Information on food security and nutrition for PLWHA has been identified as major knowledge gap. Appropriate material will be developed and reproduced, and home-based care, health and extension workers will be trained together. Local materials, in particular a book developed by Catholic AIDS Action called "Healthy eating for people living with HIV/AIDS" will be adapted. Collaborating services at FAO/HQ: ESNP and SDW.

  • Promote sustainable agricultural production and access to resources for vulnerable group within affected communities (Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development MAWRD - regional extension office and NOREESP): The project plans are still being developed, but they intend to have a main emphasis on poultry production.

See also mitigation activities in Zambia and Uganda.

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Updated September 2003

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