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The IP is one of FAO's first programmes to be based on structural horizontal collaboration between different FAO units and at country level. Therefore, it has been important for the programme to learn where the difficulties in collaboration and interdisciplinarity lie in order to make substantial progress in the second phase of the programme. In view of this, a paper on internal lessons learnt with regard to building and managing cross-sectoral collaboration has been written and serves as an input for Phase-II.

One of the challenges to developing and managing collaborative alliances is that it needs an effective incentive system to support horizontal collaboration.

Another challenge is related to developing a shared vision and effective communication between the IP partners.

The high transaction costs that underlie cross-sectoral collaboration can at times result in too great a focus on the process of collaboration rather than the substance.

The IP has successfully addressed cross-cutting development issues through capacity building and institutional development. The Lessons Learnt further proves that the IP has created many possibilities for people from different organizations and disciplines to work together on a common interest and share experiences. See the executive summary of the Lessons Learnt paper.

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Updated September 2003

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