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Posted June 1996

FAO Publications on social development

Available from:
Chief, Distribution and Sales Section
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00100 Rome, Italy

"The dynamics of rural poverty". 1986, 240p. (En, Fr, Sp). ISBN 92-5-102488-X

"Incentives for community involvement in conservation programmes". FAO Conservation Guide 12, 1987, 168p. (En, Sp).

"Population, society and agricultural planning". FAO Economic and Social Development Paper 51, 1987, 170p. (En, Fr, Sp).

"Environmental guidelines for resettlement projects in the humid tropics". Burbridge, P.R., Norgaard, R.B. Hartshort, G.S. FAO Environment and Energy Paper 9, 1988, 73p. (En, Fr, Sp).

"Women in fishing communities. A special target group of development projects". 1988, 63p. (En, Fr, Sp). M/S8640

"Women in community forestry. A field guide for project design and implementation". 1989, 45p. (En, Fr, Sp). M/T8820

"Participation in practice: lessons from the FAO People's Participation Programme". 1990, 44p. (En, Fr, Sp). I/T9550

World Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural development - 10 years of follow up (1979-1989):

"Women in agricultural development: FAO's plan of action". 1990, 41p. (En, Fr, Sp). I/T7950

"Structural adjustment and household welfare in rural areas: a micro-economic perspective". FAO Economic and Social Development Paper 100, 1991, 64p. (En).

"A framework for analyzing institutional incentives in community forestry". Thomson, J.T. Forests, Trees and People Programme. Community Forestry Note 10, 1992, 129p. (En).

"Land reform and structural adjustment in sub-Saharan Africa: controversies and guidelines". Platteau, J-P. FAO Economic and Social Development Paper 107, 1992, 324p. (En, Sp).

"Organization and management of agricultural development for small farmers: issues in decentralization and small farmers' participation". FAO Economic and Social Development Paper 20/Rev.1, 1992, 60p. (En, Fr, Sp).

"People's participation in rural development: the FAO plan of action". 1992, 16p. (En, Fr, Sp). U8450

"Rural poverty alleviation: policies and trends". FAO Economic and Social Development Paper 113, 1993, 81p. (En, Fr, Sp).

"Social and economic incentives for smallholder tree growing: a case study from Murang's District, Kenya". Dewees, Peter A. Forests, Trees and People Programme. Community Forestry Case Study 5, 1993, 74p. (En).

"Politique et stratégie de développement en faveur des femmes rurales". 1994, 69p. (Fr). D/V2715

"Report of the Expert Consultation on Integrating Environmental and Sustainable Development Themes into Agricultural Education and Extension Programmes", Rome, 30 Nov-3 Dec 1993, 1994, 205 p. (En). W/V4255

"Participación campesina para una agricultura sostenible en países de América Latina", Galán, B.B. People's Participation 7, 1994, 56 p. (Sp)

"Development policy and strategy for the benefit of rural women, 1995, 54p. (En, Fr). D/V2715

"Cadastral surveys and records of rights in land", FAO Land Tenure Studies 1, 1995, 88 p. (En)

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