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Posted May 1996

FAO Publications on energy and environment

The following publications are available from:
Chief, Environment and Natural Resources Service (SDRN)
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00100 Rome, Italy

1. FAO/ESCAP/UNDP Regional Training Workshop on a Comprehensive Approach to Energy Assessment and Planning for Rural and Agricultural Development Beijing, China, 24 - 30 September 1989. Three documents:

2. "Report on the International Fisheries Energy Optimization Workshop, 28-30 August 1989, Vancouver, Canada, 1989". Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada, sponsored by FAO

3. "Energy conservation in agriculture. Report and proceedings of technical consultation, Helsinki (Finland), 1988". CNRE Bulletin 23

4. "Planning self-help fuelwood projects in Asia". Based on Workshop held in Chaing Mai and Khon Kaen, Thailand, 2 - 13 February 1987. FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand, 1988

5. "Heat and power from forestry biomass. Report and proceedings of workshop, Ormea (Germany)". 1988 CNRE Bulletin 25

6. "Energy conservation in mechanical forest industries". FAO Forestry Paper No. 93

7. "Identification and appraisal of small-scale rural energy projects". (A training guide for agricultural and rural development planners using biogas as a case study example). Training Materials on Agricultural Planning 16, 1989

8. "Energy consumption and input-output relations of field operations". REUR Technical Series No. 10, 1989

9. "Energy conservation in animal houses". REUR Technical Series No. 11, 1989

10. "Utilization of renewable and solar energy for agriculture. Proceedings of Special Workshop". Jerusalem, 1990

11. "The briquetting of agricultural wastes for fuel". 1990, FAO Environment and Energy Paper No. 11

12. "Energy conservation and renewable energies for greenhouse heating". CNRE Guideline 2, 1988

13. "Utilization of Solar and geothermal energy for heating greenhouses, Report and proceedings of Workshop, Adana (Turkey) 1988". CNRE Bulletin 21, 1989

14. "Solar water heating systems for rural areas. Report and proceedings of workshop, Naxos (Greece) 1988". CNRE Bulletin 22, 1989

15. "Solar drying of fish and paddy, 1989". FAO Environment and Energy Paper 10

16. "Guidelines for site selection for windmill pumping stations". 1992

17. "Geothermal energy resources and their use in European agriculture". CNRE Study 2, 1988

18. "Utilization of Waste Heat from Power Stations". FAO, Commission of the European Communities, Administration de la Recherche Agronomique de Belgique, 1989, Luxembourg

19. "Energización para un Desarrollo Rural Sostenible, Enfoque Metodológico". FAO/SECYT/INTA, 1990

20. "El Uso de la Leña en Industrias Rurales de América Central". Dirección de Productos Forestales, FAO, 1991

21. "Recent developments in animal waste utilization". REUR Technical Series No. 17, 1991

22. "Charcoal production and pyrolysis technologies". REUR Technical Series No. 20, 1991

23. "Energy for Sustainable Rural Development Projects - Training Materials for Agricultural Planning". FAO, 1991

24. "Energy for Sustainable Rural Development Projects - Training Materials for Agricultural Planning - Case Studies". FAO, 1991

25. "Memoria de la Consulta de Expertos sobre el Empleo de Combustibles Derivados de la Madera en las Industrias Rurales de América Latina". RLAC, 1991

26. "Guidelines on "Wood Fuels and Energy". TFAP/FOPN, FAO, 1991

27. "Rice Husk Gasification Technology in Asia". FAO/RAPA Publication, 1991/2

28. "La Declaración de den Bosch y el Plan de Acción para una Agricultura y un Desarrollo Rural Sostenibles - Informe de la Conferencia FAO/Paises Bajos sobre Agricultura y Medio Ambiente". Abril 1991

29. "Biotechnologies for Pollution Control and Energy". REUR Technical Series No. 21, 1992

30. "Fuelwood and Charcoal Activities of Some International/Donor Organizations, 1980-1991". A Review prepared for FAO by the BTG Biomass Technology Group, University of Twente, The Netherlands

31. "Energía Animal en la Agricultura en Africa y Asia, Cuadernos Tecnicos de la FAO". Producción y Sanidad Animal, No.42, 1982

32. "Biogas Processes for Sustainable Development". FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin No. 95, 1992

33. "Wood Energy Development: Planning, Policies and Strategies, Regional Wood Energy Development Programme in Asia". GCP/RAS/131/NET Field Document No.37 a, b and c

34. "Organic Recycling in Asia and the Pacific". FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAPA), Bangkok, 1993

35. "A new approach to energy planning for sustainable development".FAO Environment and Energy Paper 12, 1992

36. "Bioenergy for development: Technical and environmental dimensions". J. Woods and D.O. Hall, Kings College London, Division of Life Sciences, 1994, FAO Environment and Energy Paper 13

37. "Integrated Energy Systems in China - The Cold Northeastern Region Experience". UNDP - Shenyang Agricultural University - FAO, 1994

38. "Environmental Aspects of Production and Conversion of Biomass for Energy". 1994, FAO REUR Technical Series 38

39. "Biogas Technology as an Environmental Solution to Pollution". 1994, FAO REUR Series 33

40. "Future Energy Requirements for Africa's Agriculture - African Energy Programme of the African Development Bank and FAO". 1995

41. "Rural Energy - Medium and Large Scale Biogas Systems in the Asia-Pacific Region 1995". FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP)

42. "Sécher des Produits Alimentaires". GRET/FAO, 1995

43. "Forests, Fuels and the Future - Wood energy for sustainable development". 1995, FAO Forestry Topics Report No.5

44. "Biomass Briquetting: Technology and Practices - Regional Wood Energy Development Programme in Asia (GCP/RAS/154/NET)". Bangkok, 1996. FAO Field Document No. 46

45. "International Workshop on Biomass Briquetting: Proceedings - Regional Wood Energy Development Programme in Asia (GCP/RAS/154/NET)". Bangkok, 1996. FAO, RWEDP Report No. 23

46. "Sub-Regional Training Course on Women in Wood Energy Development: Report - Regional Wood Energy Development Programme in Asia (GCP/RAS/154/NET)" Bangkok, 1996. FAO, RWEDP Report No. 24

47. "Biodigestor Plástico de Flujo Contínuo, Generador de Gas y Bioabono a partir de Aguas Servidas (GCP/RLA/116/FRA)". Cali, Colombia, 1995. Red de información para AmŽrica tropical y el Caribe/FAO y CIPAV: Fundación Centro para la Investigación en Sistemas Sostenibles de Producción Agropecuaria.

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