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Posted December 1998

FAO Agrometeorology Working Papers

The following publications are available from:
Chief, Environment and Natural Resources Service (SDRN)
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00100 Rome, Italy

1. Bernard, E.A. 1992. "L'intensification de la production agricole par l'agrométéorologie". 35 pages

2. Gommes, R. and Nègre, Th. 1992. "The role of agrometeorology in the alleviation of natural disasters". 22 pages.

3. See, L. and Gommes, R. 1993. "Gridded Datasets of Mean Monthly Minimum, Maximum and Daytime Temperatures in Africa". 17 pages + 3 diskettes.

4. Hoefsloot, P. 1993. "SUIVI: A program for input and analysis of agrometeorological data". 129 pages plus diskette.

5. Rojas, O. 1993. "Algunas aplicaciones de la agrometeorología en la seguridad alimentaria". 37 pages.

6. Le Houérou, H.N., Popov, G.F. and See, L. 1993. "Agro-bioclimatic Classification of Africa". 227 pages

7. Lauciani, E. and Ponticiello, A. 1993. "Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR): Empirical determination and literature survey". 85 pages.

8. Gommes, R. and See, L. 1993. FAOMET: "Agrometeorological crop forecasting tools". 57 pages.

9. Gommes, R. and Petrassi, F. 1994. "Rainfall variability and drought in Sub-Saharan Africa since 1960". 100 pages.

10. Van Velthuizen, H. and Verelst, L. with Santacroce, P. 1994. "Crop Production System Zones of the IGADD Sub-Region". 89 pages plus diskette and maps.

11. FAOCLIM 1.2 (user's manual plus CD-ROM of worldwide agroclimatic data). 72 pages plus 1 CD-ROM.

12. Bogaert P., Mahau P. and Beckers F.,1995. "The Spatial Interpolation of Agro-Climatic Data. Cokriging Software and Source Data. User's Manual". 70 pp. plus diskette

13. 1995. "Coordination and Harmonisation of Databases and Software for Agroclimatic Applications". Proceedings of an Expert Consultation held in FAO Rome, Italy, from 29 November to 3 December 1993. 313 pp.

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