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Updated July 1996

FAO Publications on coastal and marine resources

Available from:
Chief, Distribution and Sales Section
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00100 Rome, Italy

"An ecological framework for marine fishery investigations". Caddy, J.F. and Sharp, G.D. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 283, 1986, 152p. (En, Sp).

"Strategy for fisheries management and development", 1986, 26p. (Ar, En, Fr, Sp). M/R9960

"International introductions of inland aquatic species", Welcomme, R.L. (comp). FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 294, 1988, 328p. (En).

"Methodology and guidelines for fisheries development planning, with special reference to the developing countries in the African region", Hamlisch, R. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 297, 1988, 67p. (En, Fr).

"Recent trends in the fisheries and environment of the GFCM area". General Fisheries Council for the Mediterranean (GFCM) Studies and Reviews 63, 1990, 78p. (En, Fr).

"Driftnet fisheries and their impacts on non-target species: a worldwide review", Northridge, S.P. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 320, 1991, 115p. (En, Fr, Sp).

"Fish for food and development: strategy and action programmes for fisheries", 1991, 48p. (En, Fr, Sp). I/T8580

"Management strategies for inland fisheries in the Sahel". FAO Fishery Report 445, 1991, 158p. (En, Fr).

"An updated world review of interactions between marine mammals and fisheries", Northridge, S.P., FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 251/Suppl.1, 1991, 58p. (En, Fr, Sp).

"Guidelines for the promotion of environmental management of coastal aquaculture development", Barg, U.C. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 328, 1992, 127p. (En).

"Integrated management of coastal zones", Clark, J.R. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 327, 1992, 175p. (En).

"An introduction to fisheries management: advantages, difficulties and mechanisms", FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 224, 1992, 63p. (En).

"Marine fisheries and the law of the sea: a decade of change". Special Chapter of "FAO State of Food and Agriculture, 1992". FAO Fisheries Circular 853, 1992, 73p. (En, Fr, Sp).

"Report and Papers of the Technical Consultation on High Seas Fishing", Rome, 7-15 September 1992. FAO Fisheries Reports 484 and 484/Sup, 1993, 95p and 84p. (En, Fr, Sp).

"Review of the state of world marine fishery resources". FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 335, 1994, 136p. (En).

"Effects of riverine inputs on coastal ecosystems and fisheries resources". FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 349, 1995, 139p. (En).

"Precautionary approach to fisheries. Pt.1: Guidelines on the precautionary approach to capture fisheries and species introductions". Pt.2: Scientific papers. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 350/1 & 2, 1995, 2 v. (En).

"Living marine resources and their sustainable development - some environmental and institutional perspectives". FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 353, 1995, 174p. (En).

"Wastewater treatment in the fishery industry". FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 355, 1996, 60p. (En).

Available from:
Chief , FAO/SDRN
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00100 Rome, Italy

Inter-regional Conference of Small Island Countries on Sustainable Development and Environment in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Christ Church, Barbados, 7-10 April 1992). (En, Fr)

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