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Posted May 1996

FAO Publications on desertification and arid lands

Available from:
Chief, Distribution and Sales Section
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00100 Rome, Italy

"Brise-vent et rideaux abris avec référence particulière aux zones sèches". FAO Conservation Guide 15, 1986, 416p. (Fr).

"Manual de fixation des dunes". FAO Conservation Paper 18, 1988, 68p. (Fr).

"Arid zone forestry: a guide for field technicians". FAO Conservation Guide 20, 1989, 152. (En, Fr).

"Role of forestry in combating desertification". Proceedings of Expert Consultation, Saltillo, Mexico, June 1985. FAO Conservation Guide 21, 1989, 343p. (En, Fr).

"Arid land development and desertification control: FAO documentation 1975-1992". 1993, 227p. (En/Fr/Sp). M/V0200

"Key aspects of strategies for the sustainable development of drylands". 1993, 60p. (En, Fr, Sp). ISBN 92-5-103318-8

"Sustainable development of drylands and combating desertification: FAO position paper". 1993, 28p (En, Fr, Sp). D/V0265

"Arid zone hydrology for agricultural development". Based on the work of Jones, K.R. with contributions from Berney, O., Carr, D.P., Barrett, E.C. FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 37, 1981 (reprinted 1994), 390p. (En)

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