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Updated July 1996

FAO Publications on land and water resources

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Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
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00100 Rome, Italy

"Design and operation of irrigation systems for smallholder agriculture in South Asia". 2 vols. FAO Investment Centre Technical Paper 3/1 and 3/2, 1986, 150p. and 153p. (En).

"Irrigation in Africa south of the Sahara". FAO Investment Centre Technical Paper 5, 1986, 175p. (En, Fr).

"Organization, operation and maintenance of irrigation schemes". FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 40, 1986, 164p. (En, Fr, Sp)

"Yield response to water". Irrigation and Drainage Paper 33, 1986, 203p. (En, Fr, Sp).

"Irrigation and water resources potential for Africa". 1987, 127p. (En). AGL/MISC/11/87

"Soil and water conservation in semi-arid areas". Hudson, N.W. FAO Soils Bulletin 57, 1987, 185p. (Ch, En, Fr).

"Nature and management of tropical peat soils". Andriesse, J.P. FAO Soils Bulletin 59, 1988, 178p. (En).

"Salt-affected soils and their management". Abrol, P. et al. FAO Soils Bulletin 39, 1988, 143p. (Ar, En).

"Guidelines for designing and evaluating surface irrigation systems". FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 45, 1989, 148p. (En).

"NGO casebook on small-scale irrigation in Africa". Carter, R. (ed), 1989, 85p. (En). AGL/MISC/15/89

"Soil conservation for small farmers in the humid tropics". Sheng, T.C. FAO Soils Bulletin 60, 1989, 104p. (En, Sp).

"The conservation and rehabilitation of African lands: an international scheme". 1990, 38p. (En, Fr). W/Z5700

An International Action Programme on Water and Sustainable Agricultural Development

"Land evaluation for development". 1990, 35p. (En, Fr, Sp). M/U1980

"Management of gypsiferous soils". FAO Soils Bulletin 62, 1990, 81p. (Ar, En).

"Guidelines: land evaluation for extensive grazing". FAO Soils Bulletin No. 58, 1991, 158p. (En).

"How good the earth? Quantifying land resources in developing countries: FAO's agro-ecological zones studies". 1991, 32p. (En, Fr, Sp). I/T8300

"Improved irrigation system performance for sustainable agriculture". 1991. (En). AGL/MISC/18/91

"A study of the reasons for success or failure of soil conservation projects". Hudson, N.W. FAO Soils Bulletin 64, 1991, 65p. (En).

"Wastewater treatment and use in agriculture". Pescod, M.B., FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 47, 1991, 125p. (En).

"Environmental issues in land and water development". Report of Regional Expert Consultation, Bangkok, September 1991. RAPA Publication 1992/8, 1992, 488p. (En). Available from RAPA.

"CROPWAT: a computer program for irrigation planning and management". FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 46, 1992 (En, Fr, Sp).

"Land use planning applications". Proceedings of FAO Expert Consultation, Rome, 1990. World Soil Resources Report 68, 1992, 212p. (En).

"Protect and produce: putting the pieces together". 1992, 36p. (En, Fr, Sp). I/U5600

"The use of saline waters for crop production: guidelines on water, soil and crop management". FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 48, 1992, 147p. (En).

"Agro-ecological assessments for national planning: the example of Kenya". FAO Soils Bulletin 67, 1993, 154p. (En).

"CLIMWAT for CROPWAT: a climatic database for irrigation planning and management". FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 49, 1993, 113p. (En).

"FESLM: an international framework for evaluating sustainable land management". Smith, A.J. and Dumanski, J. World Soils Report 73, 1993, 74p. (En). ISBN 92-5-103419-2

"Field measurement of soil erosion and runoff". Hudson, N.W., FAO Soils Bulletin 68, 1993, 139p. (En).

"Global and national soils and terrain digital databases (SOTER): procedures manual". UNEP/ ISSS/ISRIC/FAO, World Soils Resources Report 74, 1993, 122p. (En).

"Guidelines for land-use planning". FAO Development Series 1, 1993, 96p. (En, Fr). ISBN 92-5-103282-3

"Integrated rural water management". Proceedings of FAO/UNICEF/UNDP/WB/WHO Technical Consultation, 15-19 March 1993, Rome, 1993, 346p. (En). D/V0650

"Computerized systems of land resources appraisal for agricultural development". Chidley, T.R.E., Elgy, J. and Antoine, J. World Soil Resources Report 72, 1993, 245p. (En).

"Field measurement of soil erosion and runoff". FAO Soils Bulletin 68, 1993, (En).

"Soil tillage in Africa: needs and challenges". FAO Soils Bulletin 69, 1993, 190p. (En).

"AEZ in Asia". Proceedings of the Regional Workshop on Agro-ecological Zones Methodology and Applications, Bangkok, November 1991. World Soil Resources Report 75, 1994, 259p. (En).

"Introduction à la gestion conservatoire de l'eau, de la biomasse et de la fertilité des sols (GCES)". Roose, E. FAO Soils Bulletin 70, 1994, 420p. (Fr).

"Water for life". 25p. (Ar, En, Fr, Sp). I/T3700

"Agro-ecological land resources assessment for agricultural development planning. A case study of Kenya: making land use choices for district planning". Fischer, G.W. & Antoine, J. World Soil Resources Report 71/9, 1994, 84p. (En) ISBN 92-5-103545

"Land degradation in South Asia: its severity, causes and effects upon the people". Young, A. (comp). World Soil Resources Report 78, 1994, 108p. (En) ISBN 92-5-103595

"Agro-ecological zoning strategy for sustainable agriculture planning and development in Nepal". Main report and 5 technical annexes, 1994, 6 v. (En) D/V 4586-89, 4591-92

"Environmental impact assessment of irrigation and drainage projects". FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 53, 1995, 85p. (En)

"Planning for sustainable use of land resources: towards a new approach". FAO Land and Water Bulletin 2, 1995, 60 p.

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