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Posted February 2001

Publications and reports on participation

The following is a list of all publications and reports related to participation from the Rural Development Division. All documents may be viewed here in html format.

Documents in English

Experiences from the FAO People's Participation Programme in Sri Lanka - Who Participates? PP 2

People’s Participation Programme in Pujehun, Sierra Leone. Post-Project Study. PP 3

Small Farmer Development Programme in Thailand. Post-Project Study. PP 4

FAO Collaboration with Asian NGOs for Participatory Rural Development - The Case of ANGOC. PP 5

Peoples Participation Programme in Rural Development in the Philippines. FAOs Partnership with NGOs in Project Formulation. People’s Participation 6

The Group Promoter’s Resource Book

The Development of Independent Cooperatives in Zambia. A Case Study. PP 8

People's Participation Programme in Ghana. Post-Project Study. PP 10

Mobilizing Capital in Agricultural Service Cooperatives

Capital Formation in Kenyan Farmer-Owned Cooperatives. A Case Study. PP 12

Conducting a PRA Training and Modifying PRA Tools to Your Needs. An Example from a Participatory Household Food Security and Nutrition Project in Ethiopia.

Poverty Perceptions Among Rural Herders and Sum Inhabitants of Chuluut Sum, Arkhangai Aimag, Mongolia

Report of the Third PRA Workshop on Range Rehabilitation and Establishment of a Wildlife Reserve: Group Formation and Management, Conflict Resolution and Decision Making.

Social Aspects and Community Participation

Introducing PRA for Poverty Analysis among Pastoral Herders in Rural Areas of Mongolia

Participatory Evaluation of the Restocking Pilot Trails in Tuvshruuleh Sum, Arhangai Aimag Undertaken by the FAO TCP PROJECT

Social Aspects and Community Participation - Report of PRA Introductory Workshop on Rangelands Development and Wildlife Reserve

Documents in French

Manuel de Référence du Promoteur de Groupe

Participation et Risques D'exclusion - Réflexions à Partir de Quelques Exemples Sahéliens

Documents in Spanish

Manual de Consulta para el Promotor de Grupo

Microempresas Asociativas Integradas por Campesinos Marginados en América Central. Aspectos Jurídicos e Institucionales

Participación Campesina para una Agricultura Sostenible en Países de América Latina. PP 7

RED-IFO. Un Modelo para Analizar la Descentralización

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