• Report of the Sensitisation Workshop on Rural Radio for Policy and Decision Makers in East and Southern Africa, 26 - 29 April 2005, Lilongwe, Malawi
    This workshop follows findings of two studies on training needs for rural radio in Africa (1999 and 2000) carried out by CIERRO and SADC CCD. These studies were conducted under the auspices of CTA and FAO, in West, Central, Eastern and Southern Africa. Results of the two studies show that there is a need for training in Rural Radio. This was particularly so in the Eastern and Southern Africa region where no school in Rural Radio exists. Before such training takes place there is however, a need to sensitise policy and decision makers on the status of rural radio and its practitioners in East and Southern Africa.
  • Communication for Development - Publications Volume III
    Knowledge and information are essential for people to successfully respond to the opportunities and challenges of social, economic and technological changes but to be useful they must be effectively shared by people through appropriate communication processes. Communication for Development, is a participatory communication approach applied by FAO to agriculture and rural development which combines a variety of methods and media ranging from rural radio to ICTs. This CD-ROM has been prepared by FAO Communication for Development Group compiling a wide range of topics and experiences related to communication for development in many countries, and it is structured in four sections: case studies, guidelines and manuals, policy and strategy documents and general publications. The CD-ROM has been prepared to be used by policy makers, development workers and communication practitioners to promote Communication for Development initiatives as a mean to inform and educate people about new ideas and technical innovations in agriculture, and to take action and direct their own development efforts. For further information: Click 'more' to download.
  • "The One to Watch: Radio, New ICTs and Interactivity"
    (HTML version) New book published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and edited by Bruce Girard.

    Why the one to watch?

    Sometimes looked down upon as the "poor relation" of television, and certainly considered old-fashioned compared to the Internet, radio today has become the one to watch... Still the most portable communication medium, the most widespread and the most economical, radio is now proving itself versatile enough to go hand-in-hand with the Web.

    Carleen Gardner, Assistant Director-General for Information, FAO

  • FAO Corporate Document Repository
    The Corporate Document Repository (CDR) is FAO's online digital library and is a key component of the WAICENT framework. It stores thousands of documents in HTML and PDF format, containing valuable material on agriculture, food security and the other areas of work of the Organization. The CDR provides the users with two main search facilities (Free Text and Advanced Search), besides the general search engine located in the Home Page (Simple Form Search). Although originated by different exploring criteria, each set of results assures links to the full text documents plus additional related information appearing in the detailed card (language, year, etc.). Additionally, the CDR contains a specific section dedicated to the documents which have been included in the repository in the last month (New Documents).
  • Educational communication tools
    The experience of the FAO Communication for development group
  • Rural radio as a social enquiry tool
    Participatory production techniques and audience research. Abstract. English.
  • Information and Communication Technologies Servicing Rural Radio
    Final report of the International Workshop. English
  • "Linking rural radio to the Internet". Final Communiqué of the Workshop
  • Rural radio and food security. Abstract. English
  • International workshop on development of rural radio in Africa
    Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 10-14 June 1996
  • Az Dekhon ba Dekhon (Farmer to Farmer)
    A Participatory Radio Series for Private Farmers in Tajikistan. English.
  • International workshop on development of rural radio in Africa
    Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 10-14 June 1996.