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Bioenergy for Development

Two billion people, mostly living in rural areas of developing countries, are still without electricity or other modern energy services and rely largely on burning fuelwood and charcoal to meet their basic cooking and heating needs. Increased utilization of biofuels, if properly managed, can help to provide cleaner energy services while contributing to sustainable development and the alleviation of environmental concerns. [more...]


GeoNetwork week workshop

FAO-SDRN and WFP-VAM are co-organizing the GeoNetwork workshop (Rome, 9-13 May 2005). Main objectives are to: (a) assess the ongoing project in the different existing nodes based on the experiences and needs of its users; (b) discuss and define the future directions of the GeoNetwork developments, and (c) explore the establishment of a steering. [more...]


Tsunami atlases

FAO-SDRN has prepared in January 2005 an atlas containing tsunami-related information collected from FAO databases and from major spatial data sources on the web. These include raw satellite images, interpreted satellite images, topographic maps, thematic maps, agroclimatic data and statistics. [more...]

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