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Rural Development Communication Network in Egypt (UTF /EGY/021/EGY)

This project is a follow-up to the successful pilot project TCP/EGY/0065 "Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network" (VERCON) that was implemented by the MoALR at the Kafr el Sheikh Governorate. It aims to establish or to improve the communication between extension, research and private and public persons and institutions involved in rural and agricultural development for the benefit of farmers and agrarian businesses at rural and village level.

Improved communication, incorporating newest research results and latest technologies shall ultimately improve the performance of farmers and businesses, increase income and create jobs, thus contributing to absorbing the poorer and landless village population. Through better communication researchers will focus better on the needs of the rural population, and extension will be in the position to transfer the latest development packages to the ultimate target group. Wherever possible and practical, the ultimate beneficiaries will have direct access to information which will help solving acute and pertinent farm problems.

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