Small Island Developing States


Out now! E-consultation Outcome Report

FAO has organized a global e-consultation with the objective of encouraging dialogue and seeking inputs that will contribute to the preparatory process aimed at addressing the main challenges and opportunities on SIDS. It invited participation from a wide group of stakeholders from various sectors.

We invited you to submit your contributions in the form of comments, examples, case studies, documents, papers and on-going work related to the major themes below. Please indicate if your feedback is in the context of a specific country, region or if it addresses global issues affecting SIDS. 

Theme 1: Major Emerging Challenges

1) What do you see as the main emerging challenges in SIDS to improve food security and increase the resilience of livelihoods? From your experiences and knowledge, what challenges jeopardize the resilience of livelihoods in agriculture, fisheries, forestry, land and water? Some examples of such challenges include soaring food prices, climate change, freshwater management, etc.

Theme 2: Addressing the challenges: opportunities and constraints

2) What has worked best in addressing the challenges referred in Theme 1 affecting food security and the resilience of livelihoods? Some examples include:

  • Institutional/governance strengthening
  • resource mobilization
  • New approaches and technologies
  • Diversification/ resilience of livelihoods/opportunities for wealth creation Natural resources management and environmental threats

3) What are the roles that existing/potential partnerships can play in addressing the challenges for sustainable development in SIDS? Do you know any examples/cases of this, such as public-private, SIDS-SIDS, south-south, tripartite, etc?

Theme 3: Learning from the past and Priorities for Post-2015 Agenda for SIDS

4) What do you consider to be the major lessons learned from past strategies and action plans? Some of the strategies and action plans include the Barbados Plan of Action and the Mauritius Strategy of Implementation.

5) In light of the above themes what priorities do you think need to be considered in the post-2015 agenda that would be highly relevant for SIDS? 

6) How can the integration of the 3 pillars of sustainability contribute to reduce the challenges related to food security in SIDS? Do you know any experiences/examples of integrating the environmental, economic and social pillars of sustainability?