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Small Island Developing States

Our team

FAO has appointed corporate Focal Points and established a dedicated Team with members from FAO Headquarters and Decentralized Offices to support the follow-up to the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS Conference) and the SIDS Action Platform.

Corporate Focal Point

Matthias Halwart
Senior Aquaculture Officer
Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, Rome

Alternate focal point

Selvaraju Ramasamy
Natural Resources Officer
Regional Climate, Energy and Tenure Division, Rome 

Team Members

Sharon Brennen-Haylock
Liaison Office, New York

Deep Ford
Sub-regional Coordinator
Sub-regional Office for the Caribbean, Barbados

Lystra Fletcher
FAO Representative, Guyana

Gavin Wall
Sub-regional Coordinator
Sub-Regional Office for the Pacific, Samoa

Ruhiza Boroto
Senior Water Resources Officer
Regional Office for Africa, Ghana

Aubrey Harris
Fishery Officer
Sub-Regional Office for South Africa, Harare

Nobuhle Ndhlovu
Sub-Regional Office for South Africa, Harare

Heiko Bammann
Enterprise Development Officer
Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department, Rome

Cesar Sabogal
Forestry Officer
Forestry Department, Rome