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World Food Day is 16 October 2017
Large movements of people today are presenting complex challenges, which call for global action. Many migrants arrive in developing countries, creating tensions where resources are already scarce, but the majority, about 763 million, move within their own countries rather than abroad.
Our Islands, Our Oceans - Cabo Verde (narrated by Lambert Wilson, actor, activist)
Cabo Verde - an island chain off the west coast of Africa, characterized by captivating coastlines, stunning beaches and peaceful seaside villages. It is home to over 500-thousand people. Many, like Aguinaldo Dias, rely on fisheries for their employment and livelihoods. As well as being a major source of employment, fishing is an integral part of the rich and vibrant culture of Cabo Verde.
Innovative Ocean financing: Seychelles Blue Bonds
In 2015, Seychelles graduated as a high income country.  Fisheries are extremely important to the Seychelles economy. Here fishermen offload yellow fin tuna at the Victoria harbor.  Seychelles graduated as a high income country. As a result, the Government has been proactive in rethinking its Blue Economy investment strategy, including Blue Bonds. As a result, the Government has been proactive in rethinking its Blue Economy investment strategy, as it will no longer be eligible to some of concessional funding sources previously available. Seychelles has turned to innovative finance instruments, such as the debt Swap for Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation and the Seychelles Blue Bond, to attract new investors in support of its sustainable development agenda.
FAO Awards are presented to those who have made extraordinary contributions to reduce poverty and food insecurity
The FAO Awards, which happen on a biennial basis, are an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the Organization’s achievements by recognizing persons, institutions or projects for their outstanding role in reducing poverty and food insecurity. The A.H. Boerma Award honours journalists who have brought food security and rural development issues to the attention of civil society. This year’s honour was awarded to Keni Lesa of the Samoa Observer among others.
Haiti takes a decisive step by creating its Parliamentary Front against Hunger
It is the first French-speaking country in the world to have this legislative structure, fundamental to strengthening the right to food.
Blue Growth Charter in Cabo Verde
FAO identified the African island nation of Cabo Verde to become a pilot country for implementing the Blue Growth Initiative. The government adopted the Blue Growth Charter, which serves as a framework for all policies and investments related to the development of a sustainable ocean economy.
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