Protection sociale


Work area: Social Protection and Agriculture
Country: Lesotho
This impact evaluation adopts a mixed-method approach combining quantitative and qualitative methods to the analysis of the impact of CGP and SPRINGS. Qualitative and quantitative methods have complementary roles. The quantitative method allows...
Country: Senegal
This brief sets out to analyse the extent to which the PNBSF is supporting the livelihoods and income-generating activities of rural households. In addition, it aims to identify the most appropriate supplementary support measures with...
Country: Zimbabwe
This impact evaluation report uses a 12-month panel data set with a non-experimental design to analyse the impact of the Harmonized Cash Transfer Programme (HSCT) on individual and household economic decision-making, including agricultural and non-agricultural...
Country: Ethiopia
The Improved Nutrition through Integrated Basic Social Services with Social Cash Transfer (IN-SCT) is a three-year pilot programme implemented by the Government of Ethiopia, with funding from UNICEF and Irish Aid. The programme started in...
FAO promotes the use and scale up of Cash+ as a tool for emergency response, strengthening resilience and reducing rural poverty. The Cash+ model supports the enhancement of vibrant and diversified livelihoods, providing an important...