Video: Interview with a tomato farmer in Japan

In this short video, young soil scientist and Assistant Professor at Saga University, Ieyasu Tokumoto, interviews Yuichiro Uemura, a tomato farmer in Japan.

Japan has a long history of reclaiming land from the ocean to create available agricultural land for farming. Yokoshima village in the Kumamoto prefecture was established on land reclaimed from the Ariake sea, starting from 1605. Over the course of 370 years, 46 land reclamation projects were carried out in Yokoshima, and the amount of land reclaimed totaled 1,457 ha. On the reclaimed land, there are some unique agricultural techniques to grow crops, which would also be useful in tsunami affected areas in Japan. In this video clip, a tomato farmer, Yuichiro Uemura, answers interview questions regarding the International Year of Soils. Mr. Uemura pointed out “what we should know is the advantage and disadvantage of soil conditions for tomato production. This is a way to conserve soils in the future.”

The views expressed here belong to the speaker and do not  necessarily represent FAO’s views, positions, strategies or opinions.

Submitted by Ieyasu Tokumoto


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It has long been known that tomatoes and aloe vera (and especially aloe vera juice) provide multiple health benefits. I'm glad the Japanese are reclaiming land for both tomato farming as well
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