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FAO soil team

FAO is the lead United Nations Agency concerned with Soils. It hosts the Secretariat of the Global Soil Partnership. Since the 1950s, FAO has produced soil manuals, maps, and  profile databases. It has also assisted numerous developing countries in doing soil surveys, assessments and in promoting sustainable soil management.

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Caterina Batello

Ecosystem Management

Senior Officer and Team leader of the Ecosystem Management team of the FAO’s Agricultural Plant Production and Protection Division. She is an expert in grassland management and ecosystem services from grassland based systems, including legume management for soil fertility enhancement, crop-livestock systems management to close soil fertility gap, climate change adaptation of agro-pastoral system including improved land and soil management practices, restoration of degraded vegetation, and sylvo-agro-pastoral practices.


Louis Bockel

Land use and Agriculture Policy

Agronomist, and Farming system specialist with a Phd in Economics and Public Policy. He has been working since 1990 on land use and agriculture policies. Currently policy analyst in FAO-ESA, he started working  on Carbon flows,  Carbon balance  impact of policies,  projects, and role of soil carbon in climate resilience  since 2009, by using the EX-ACT carbon balance tool  that was developed and tested through a series of partnerships with World Bank, IFAD, AfDB, ADB, AFD, GIZ, etc, He is leading the EX-ACT team.


Sally Bunning

Land and Soil Management

Senior Land/soils officer is supporting the Global Soil Partnership Secretariat in particular, the development of Pillar 1 plan of action on Sustainable soil management and restoration and collaboration with countries and partners on Sustainable land management, including watershed /landscape management, and Land degradation and SLM assessment and informed decision making.


Yuji Niino

Land Management

Land Management Officer for Asia and the Pacific region responsible for providing support to activities related to the development of sustainable soils and land management; soil and water conservation; land resources evaluation and monitoring; and integrated plant nutrient and soil fertility management in order to promote food security and sustainable agricultural production systems (Conservation Agriculture, Agro/Soil Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Smart Agriculture, Land Degradation and Desertification).



Anssi Pekkarinen

Forest Inventory and Monitoring

Forestry Officer, supports the member countries in establishing their forest inventory, mapping and monitoring systems including related soil survey and digital soil mapping components.


Stefan Schlingloff

Land degradation

Technical Officer, supports the Land/Soils Team of the Division in the areas of land degradation assessment and the promotion of sustainable land management practices, with emphasis on project operations and collaboration with countries.


Ronald Vargas

Soils and Land Management

Ronald Vargas Rojas is a Soils and Land Officer at FAO and since 2011, he is leading the implementation of the Global Soil Partnership. He is a Bolivian soil scientist with more than 15 years of working experience (research, academic and development) in natural resources management with a focus on sustainable soil management for food security and ecosystem services. His expertise includes land suitability and land degradation assessment, land use planning, soil mapping and soil management for climate change adaptation in Latin America, Africa, Near East and Asia. He has been the promoter of the International Year of Soils, the revised World Soil Charter, the Status of the World’s Soil Resources Report and the Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management.


Isabelle Verbeke

Soils Portal Responsible

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