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The 3rd National Meeting for the Soils of Colombia: "With your feet on the ground"

Approximately 120 officials, researchers, academics and people involved in soil management will meet on 16 – 17 November 2017 to discuss conservation practices and sustainable use of land resources.

On the first day, six lectures will be held on the key subjects of the researches conducted during the previous months. Information and results will be collected and reorganized. Then, six related thematic workshops will be delivered. Each workshop will have a rapporteur to record interventions and conclusions.

The meeting would aim to:

i. Trace the path to overcome legal, imaginary, cultural practices and institutional weaknesses which currently limit and/or hinder the implementation of public policy on sustainable land management, and hence the application of legal instruments and/or social control to reverse the trend of soil loss in Colombia;

ii. Sign an agreement with national, regional and local institutions to create the Colombian Soil Observatory;

iii. Distribute a report of the meeting;

iv. Define subsequent phases of the initiative.

- 17 Nov 2017
Santiago de Cali, Colombia